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Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

Johnnie WOD has been proven to the most potent training program on globe for gaining size and packing on thick slabs of muscle. 

Every training cycle includes new and improved strength programs for Rookies and Pros alike, and the hardest WODs for you to sink your teeth. Spawned from the original football program – a time when things were easy, people were less whiny and workouts were anything but. 

5 Training days every week complete with linked demo videos, workout tracking, and app to push the training daily to your iPhone or Android. Time to strap up, buckle in and not blow WOD too quickly.

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[plan name=”Johnnie WOD Subscription” link=”https://marketplace.trainheroic.com/workout-plan/team/johnnie-wod2016-09-28%2020:25:58″ linkname=”JOIN JOHNNIE WOD” price=”$15″ per=”per month”]

  • 6 Dirty JWODs Each Week
  • Each JWOD Takes ~60 Minutes
  • Daily WOD Instructions from Johnnie
  • Demo Videos + Instructions
  • Lift, WOD, + Benchmark Tracking




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